Fukushima Residents Being Urged to Move Back to Radioactive Wasteland

Dear friends,

This is self explanatory.

Fukushima residents being forced to move back to radioactive wasteland.

What would YOU do? Where would YOU go?

From Natural News (thanks Brother Mike)
Friday, February 24, 2017 by: Vicki Batts
Tags: Fukushima, government, Japan, nuclear accidents

(Natural News) Would you want to return home if it meant living in radioactive conditions similar to Chernobyl? Some 6,000 Japanese citizens are being urged by the government to return to their homes in the nuclear wasteland created by the Fukushima disaster. Greenpeace reports that radiation levels in the area are still similar to that of Chernobyl, which to most people, would indicate the area is not ready for human inhabitants.

Government officials are reportedly planning on slashing housing support for the thousands of people that had been evacuated from the village of Iitate on March 31, on which date the evacuation order will end. It will have been just a short six years since the nuclear disaster occurred.

The village is located just 24 miles away from the power plant. According to Fox News, the Japanese government has told the former Iitate inhabitants that they have finished cleaning up the area and have decreased the average radiation level in the air to a mere 0.8 microsieverts per hour – a level that international organizations have recognized as safe for human life. The government announced that it would be discontinuing housing assistance to the affected residents one year after they have returned to their homes in Iitate.

Unsurprisingly, the government’s announcement has been met with skepticism from the locals, and a hefty amount of criticism from environmental groups and radiation experts from around the world. They say that the Japanese government is merely trying to save face — and money — by forcing the residents of Iitate to return to an unsafe environment.

Jans Vande Putte, a radiation specialist with environmental group Greenpeace and one of the authors of a report on the cleanup efforts in Iitate, told Fox News, “The Japanese government just wants to say that we can overcome. It’s like they’re running a PR campaign to say that everything is okay and we can now go back to normal.”

The Fukushima nuclear accident is considered to be the worst nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl meltdown happened in 1986. After a 9.0 earthquake rocked Japan, the tsunami that followed destroyed the backup generators at the Fukushima plant. Without the emergency generators, proper cooling could not take place — and three nuclear meltdowns ensued, along with explosions of hydrogen-air chemicals and the release of radioactive materials into the surrounding environment.

Even though the Japanese government insists that the radiation in and around the homes of Iitate, many experts disagree with their assertion.

Energy campaigner Ai Kashiwagi commented, “The relatively high radiation values, both inside and outside houses, show an unacceptable radiation risk for citizens if they were to return to Iitate.” Kashiwagi likened the exposure levels to getting a chest x-ray once a week, and noted that the level of exposure was “not normal or acceptable.”

Greenpeace has also said that a survey team they sent into the village found the levels of radiation dose rates at the homes were well above long-term radiation goals. According to them, the average radiation level exceeded the yearly 1 millisievert maximum recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection.

At one man’s home, radiation levels outside the home reached values equivalent to 2.5 millisieverts per year. Inside the home, radiation was much higher — reaching equivalents of 5.1 to 10.4 millisieverts per year.
This is not just a little bit over; it is many times more than what is deemed acceptable by international organizations.

Experts agree that radiation levels outside the village and the supposedly-decontaminated area are even more dangerous. Some 75 percent of the 77-square mile area is heavily forested and mountainous, and Greenpeace contends much of the area’s radiation levels are comparable to the exclusion zone around Chernobyl. Even taking a walk through the woods, or eating food grown from the “decontaminated” soil puts people at a greater risk of high amounts of radiation exposure.

“It is still relatively unsafe to live there,” Vande Putte said. “If thousands of people go back it will be a bad situation and it’s just not wise to go back.”




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Proof 9/11 was nuclear.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PBNjaeG400&feature=em-share_video_in_list_user&list=PLFm_GfYZVQf94c3ab6K65InEEdtoZ4aZU 38:34

The only exception to this brilliant video that I could see is that no plane crashed into the Pennsylvania field. See



Arlene Johnson
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Installation Instructions

From Jolly Roger
Trump’s been installed, predictably enough, and millions of angry Americans have breathed a sigh of relief, in the erroneous belief that things will now be better, or at least different.

Unfortunately, your country is still being looted, your Bill of Rights is still being trampled, and the invasion of illegal aliens isn’t going to stop.

Trump was installed because Americans were seething with anger for many years, and the sigh of relief you’re now breathing is just as predictable to the ruling elites as the Trump victory was to many of us. That sigh of relief that you’re now breathing is exactly WHY Trump was installed. You needed that, and they needed to give it to you, because now you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and watch Trump “make America great again”.

Unfortunately, it’ll take the average moron years to notice that Trump isn’t going to change anything, because there’s too much money at stake. Every corporation wants the cheap labor, the stolen resources, and they don’t want you and your silly Bill of Rights standing in the way of their grand theft of your nation.

If you’re celebrating the Trump victory, and are confident that he’ll “drain the swamp”, please enjoy yourself, pop the champagne cork, and wallow in the thrill of victory for as long as you can. When you’re done celebrating, I’d like to ask only one favor of you, and that’s that you do your job, and let Trump do his.

Your job as an American is to remain eternally vigilant, stand up for your constitutional rights, and be prepared to defend your country if and when the need arises.

Even if Trump turns out to be all he’s promised to be, there’s only so much any president can do, and most of the problems we’re suffering from are the result of Americans not doing their job, rather than the evil machinations of any politician, or group of them.

Instead of sitting back and believing that you and your country exist at the mercy of our government, please remember that this is your country, and your actions affect its future more than any presidents do.

Our problems stem from Americans forgetting that fact, and believing they can ignore government and lose themselves in an endless array of mindless entertainment, all of which has been provided to distract you from your patriotic duty of government involvement.

Government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” cannot exist if “the people” (you) are uneducated, aren’t paying attention, or are too busy indulging in the TV’s infinite marathon of giggle inducement. You have nothing to laugh about. You’re still being robbed of your wealth and freedom, and your children’s future has been sold at a Jew’s pawn shop.

Trump was installed precisely so you could believe that someone is going to fix this country’s problems for you, and that you’ll be free to engage in more interesting pursuits than watching C-span, or understanding the true history of this country, how its monetary system works, and how it should work.

Trump’s presidency is nothing more than the latest device to distract you from your patriotic duty, and let you believe that America will be fixed without your help, or even your attention. He was put in power to assuage the anger that was rising from the population, who were spending their last few dollars on equipping themselves for revolution.

They needed Trump, and all of his grand promises, to save their necks from a popular uprising, and if Trump weren’t available, a different actor would have been recruited to play the same role.

As far as the American people are concerned, the presidency of this country is very little different than any reality-TV show, and that’s why Trump is well-suited for the job. They only distract you from their crimes with promises and lies, while the resource theft, and destruction of freedom continues unabated.

I’d be real happy to see Trump keep all his promises, but I’m not going to bet any money on it, and I honestly see him as just another “hope and change” man with a bigger shovel full of dung than the present one.

Instead of betting your future on Trump, or any other politician, place your bet on the Bill of Rights, and your own duty as an American to make sure it’s respected, rather than being slowly twisted out of relevance by corrupt politicians and judges.

You need to be involved with this country’s future, or it will surely be stolen by billionaires, who have been trying to undermine the power of the people since the Bill of Rights was written.

No politician is going to help you; they only compete for the privilege of robbing you, and controlling you, and that’s only because you let them get away with it by being stupid enough to trust any of them.

People who are scared, stupid, and weak will never live in freedom, in this country, or any other. Allowing yourself to be distracted by endless entertainment is what got all of us into the mess we’re in, and I have every right to complain about it, because as a fellow American, I have to suffer this tyranny with you.

Whether you supported Trump or not, you now have a duty of making sure he keeps his promises, and operates under the rules of the constitution, and respects the people’s Bill of Rights. If you turn your back on him for a minute, he’ll be no different than Obama, and probably twice as greedy. — Jolly Roger

“It’s a republic, if you can keep it” — Ben Franklin (on being asked what kind of government we’ve been given)




Arlene Johnson
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Corrupt profession affects Susanne Kellner-Johnson

Dear friends,

Imagine you are a Human Rights Activist which in my opinion is a
threat to the powers-that-be. Now, imagine that you were taken by
force after your front door was kicked in by police. Then, imagine
that you were denied leave after you had been granted leave by
the psychiatric profession. Then, imagine your mobile (cell phone)
was taken from you. Then, imagine that you were forcibly injected
with 50mg of Haldol every two weeks, which is what dissidents in
the Soviet Union were injected with up until 1974 to silence them
and you.

All this and more has happened to Susanne Kellner-Johnson in
the UK.

Susanne was lied to by her psychiatrist, Dr. Natalie Johnson
when she told Susanne that she was going on annual leave.
I know because yesterday when I called to see when Dr. Johnson
would return was told by Dr. Johnson's secretary that Dr. Johnson
was not now, nor in the recent past on annual leave.

I personally feel that Susanne Kellner-Johnson should ask
for another psychiatrist since we can't tell when she would lie
to Susanne again. But in every effort to reach the Clinical Director
Julie Magaw who spends part of her time at 01535 678 146,
the last message I was given, which was by the receptionist,
was that no further messages would be given to me, the publisher
of The Journal of History (La verdad sobre la democracia).

Susanne's human rights have been violated everyday by staff.
Susanne is as sane as any of us are and not a threat to herself
or anyone else.

Here are the 4 demands I made to staff who interceded for
Julie Magaw:
1. New psychiatrist
2. Give Susanne back her mobile
3. Put her back online
4. Restore her leave for a minimum of 1 hour, preferably more.

Let's see how many of you will call up to make those demands
which I made today. They can't ignore all of us. The psychiatric
profession is by and large corrupt with only a few who truly care
for their patient. Dr. Natalie Johnson does not fall into that category.


Arlene Johnson
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Lord Kilmuir Letter is known by current Member of Parliament, United Kingdom

My dear friends,

A current sitting Member of Parliament (MP), Mark Harper, in the
United Kingdom knows that the letter that Lord Kilmuir sent Edward
Heath in the 1960s exists. Here is proof. I want the world to know
this because obviously other Members of Parliament know this too.
If you live in the UK and want the UK out of the EU, you might want
to show this post to your MP, because Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty
is a trap to keep the UK in the EU. Millions of people in the UK need
to know this information:

Mark Harper knew about the Kilmuir letter in 2010 as it was on a leaflet
I did which he responded to on behalf of the cabinet/'government.'
Mike c
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

From: Arlene Johnson <a@>
Date: 10 September 2016 09:39:11 GMT+01:00
To: "revieweditor@
Cc: john TIMBRELL <johntimbrell@>

Regarding the correspondence on these pages about Mark Harper not responding to requests . I too have the same problem which makes the government's claim that "We work for you"  a farce.
The government is supposed to respond to petitions that reach 10,000. They normally do within 5 days. Mine reached 10,000 over 40 days ago. I have written to Mark twice asking why his government will not give its answer to the petition. I actually know why but I just like to embarrass him. The government cannot reply without acknowledging the existence of the letter. If they did some of the MPs of all parties who are barred from discussing the contents or even the existence of the letter would be released from their censorship. The letter explains the reason why all the UK's treaties with the EU are unlawful  and of course you know if you are caught out doing something wrong then you have to stop doing it.  I personally know that David Davis the Brexit minister knows about the illegality of the treaties and that we could just leave the EU. He knows according to International law any treaty entered into using deceit or dishonesty is null and void. He advocates using article 50 which is subject to qualified majority voting. Do you really think they will vote to let us leave?   I urge you to write to Davis Davis just to let him know that you know of his corruption. I doubt if he will reply but if enough do so it might just might give him some backbone to follow the rule of law. John Timbrell
BREXIT mailing list


Arlene Johnson
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Violating Magna Carta and the Constitution

Dear friends,

This paragraph is short and to the point about what PM Edward Heath violated in 1972 when he put the UK into the European Economic Community:

From: Paul Talbot-Jenkins
<p.talbotjenkins@ As we know, the Magna Carta forms the framework for both the American and British constitutions. Within Magna Carta is the entreaty that anything purporting to diminish the effect of the charter is itself null and void, furthermore, the charter is laid down in perpetuity that nothing in it can be diminished. The fact that Harold Wilson's government repealed most of Magna Carta in 1969 means that, for instance, the signing of the Treaty of Rome is/was an illegal/unlawful deed. It follows, therefore, that Britain never was in the European Economic Community and so what follows is also null and void. We do not need to look at article 50 in order to disconnect Britain from Europe. Fortunately there is a stretch of water between the two. We might even destroy the channel tunnel and reduce the available avenues for immigration. Russian president Gorbachev could not believe that Europe was being formed into a state the like of which the Russians had already abandoned. With best wishes Paul http://www.force4justice.co.uk "Semper veritas" Sent from my iPad Here is the link to the entire article by Dr. Vernon Coleman excerpts from which Mark Windows read on the show where he interviewed me which aired on 7 August 2016: http://www.vernoncoleman.com/euillegally.html Lastly, if you are a resident of the UK, have a look at the petition that John Timbrell initiated to parliament here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/122770 You can read the letter by the top legal authority at the time of the MacMillan government where it says More details. This is a letter that you have been denied. It is your right to know this information, not denied it. Peace, Arlene Johnson Publisher/Author http://www.truedemocracy.net To access my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

Windows 10

Dear friends,

Since so many people own a PC, I thought you might like to read and listen to this:

What Microsoft Does NOT Want You To Know About Windows 10
Written by: Daniel Jennings Current Events June 10, 2016

Windows 10 could be a major threat to your privacy, and
Microsoft is trying to force you to use it whether you
want it or not.

In fact, if you use Windows 7 or 8, Microsoft could
automatically update you to Windows 10 and begin tracking
your every move.

“Microsoft openly stated that pervasive data collection
will be present in any Windows version starting from
Windows 10, and as a host of research on the Internet
shows, this data collection cannot be disabled using
official means,” tech expert Artem S. Tashkinov wrote
at itvision.altervista.org.
The default settings for Windows 10 allow Microsoft to
track every website you visit, every purchase you make,
and every word you type into the search engine. It even
allows Microsoft to track your physical location.
Microsoft makes upgrading to the operating system tempting
by making it free – at least until July 29.
Discover How To Become Invisible In Today’s Surveillance State!
Microsoft uses all of this data and interaction in several ways:
• Offering users targeted ads.
• Guiding users to its Windows Store.
• Funneling users to the search page Bing, which it owns.

None of this is done with the current versions of Windows.
(Windows 10 also can drain your battery if you own an older laptop.)
Fortunately, there are some ways to block Windows 10’s
data collection and even to go back to Windows 7 or Windows 8 if you want.

Don’t Use Express Settings

Many users may not realize that the version of Windows 10
that automatically installs employs the so-called Express
Settings. These automatically share a wide variety of
information with Microsoft, including location and browser
data, TechRadar reported. You can avoid these by picking
“Custom Settings” for the install.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rczgCmoNSSE#t=73 9:34

If you’ve already installed Windows 10 using the Express
Settings, then you can reverse Microsoft actions under
the Privacy Settings in the control panel. For example,
one setting asks if you want to “let apps use my advertising
ID, send Microsoft Info about how I write, and let websites
provide locally relevant content.” If this is on, both
Microsoft and advertisers can collect data from your computer.

Other Problems With Windows 10

IT Pro reported that some of the Window 10 apps can take
control of your camera and microphone and collect account
information unless you turn them off.

You should also make sure that Wi-Fi Sense is off. If this
feature is turned on, it could share your Wi-Fi passwords
with routers, PC World reported. To turn Wi-Fi Sense off,
go to Settings in the start menu, click on Network & Internet,
then Manage Wi-Fi Settings, and chose what Wi-Fi you want
to use. Turning off the hotspot keeps the computer from
broadcasting your information.

Uninstalling Windows 10

Uninstalling Windows 10 and going back to Windows 8.1 or 7
is actually fairly easy – if you do it within 30 days.
Visit Settings, find the Update & Security icon and click
Recovery. You should see an option to “Go to Back to Windows
7” or “go back to Windows 8.1.” Click the right icon.
If it has been over a month since you added Windows 10,
you will have to do a “clean install.” That will eliminate
everything on your hard drive. Make sure you have all of
your files on cloud storage or an external drive first.


Arlene Johnson
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MS804 revision to previous post

Dear friends,

On reading the ZetaTalk Newsletter dated June 5, 2016,
it says the following:

From http://www.zetatalk6.com/newsletr/issue505.htm

comes this which contradicts what I initially posted
about the MS804 in my last post:

MS804 crashed on the African Plate border just north
of Egypt. Precisely on the border, in fact. Because
electro-magnetic pulse, caused by the yet to be
admitted Nibiru, is not to be admitted, the establishment
cast around for an excuse. The options have been to
demonize the pilots, as in the case of the GermanWings
flying into the Alps in 2015, where the pilot was
claimed to be suicidal, murderously so.  The pilots
of MH370 were also blamed, and still are to this day,
for running off with the plane in 2014, stealing it.
Their homes were ransacked looking for evidence of
their nefarious plans.  AF447 in 2009 was ascribed
to bad weather and an incompetent pilot who did not
know how to operate in a storm. The fact that all
the electronics shut down, as documented by the ACARS
system, was ignored. Lately, the excuse de jure is to
blame terrorism, so the immediate pronounced assumption
for the downing of MS804 was a terrorist bomb. Yet
surprisingly, there was hesitation!


Arlene Johnson
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Egypt Air MS 804 Didn´t Crash as you were told.

Dear friends,

The MSM is lying again. Here is the truth about EgyptAir MS 804
that was in the news today.


Arlene Johnson
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dick Eastman <oldickeastman@ Date: Thu, May 19, 2016 at 11:56 PM Subject: Dick Eastman - EgyptAir MS-804 -- a remote-control hijacking most likely for these reasons To: The way EgyptAir MS804 broke with air traffick monitoring, making an unscheduled turn to port of 90 degrees, followed by a turn to starboard a full 360 degrees while descending to 15,000 feet and then to 10,000 feet where it was lost to radar is too much like Malaysia Airlines MH 370 which also turned and descended before disappearing on March 8, 2014.  MH 370 also did not crash.  It was seen in Maldives flying due south, towards the British/US intelligence headquarters for the region, Diego Garcia.  I suspect that EgyptAir MS804, when below radar and when all transponders and voice communication with the cockpit were shut off that it headed for the one place likely to be able to keep the receiving of plane hijacked in the Mediterranean so near to Egypt a successful secret, Israel.   Whether EgyptAir MS 804 was the usual Airbus A320 or whether another plane, a Boeing 737-800, had been substituted does not matter.  Electronic hijacking was possible with either a Boeing or an Airbus plane as Flight 587 (an Airbus A 300) which manifested clear instances of remote-controlled takeover of the flight during the crash episode on November 12, 2001  as did EgyptAir 990 (a Boeing 767) before its crash in its flight from JFK to Cairo on October 31, 1999.   Let's review some facts about  AA 587 and EgyptAir990 as well as an incident that happened at Miami International in 1999.   Flight 587 took off from JFK with nothing unusual when, over Queens NY the rudder on the vertical stabilizer began shirting back and forth its full range, causing the plane to expereince severe sideways movements that slammed passengers back and forth, called yawing.  This back and forth broke the bonding of the lamination that held on the tail fin.  This remote-controlled sabotage eventually broke off the stabilizer from the plane.   When the rudder was gone the plane was still able to fly, but now the remote controller began operating the ailerons  (flaps, elevators) causing the plane to make extreme turns, at one point turning 10 degrees in one second.  The flight recorder clearly shows that the plane banked to port even as the data shows the pilots were working the cockpit controls to move the plane in the opposite direction.    The voice record of this portion of the flight has never been released by the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board).   Then the electric hijackers chose to finish the job -- the nose drops and, still before the crash, the voice record cuts off.  The plane is in a dive full throttle, then the plane put down its flaps at which points the engines separated from the wings, the pods brackets pulled from their roots.    Happening just one month and one day after the 9/11 event, the event was covered with all of the secrecy and deceit of the investigation into that larger event.   Another American event needs mention here.  In 1999.  An American Airlines Airbus A300 as it prepared to land at  Miami International also experienced its rudder suddenly moving from side to side completely, as the pilots reported, on its own.  The NTSB reported that the "rudder movements extreme."  No cause was found.     Early in the morning of October 31, 1999 EgyptAir took off from JFK to Cairo, Egypt with top Egyptian military aboard as well as other passengers (mostly Americans).  At about 2:00 AM the pilot leaves the cockpit to go to the toilet.  The language aboard the plane has been in Arabic, but, while the co-pilot is alone, another voice is picked up on the voice recorder saying just two words in English, "Control it."  Immediately after this the plane, which has been on auto-pilot, deviates in its course.  The co-pilot noticing this, exclaims with a prayer, "Taw ak kalt ala Allah,"  which may be equavalent to an English speaking Christian saying "God protect us."  Appropiate words under this unusual circumstance.   The co-pilot then, the event-recorder shows, tried to disengage the auto-pilot.  The plane continues to move indepenently and inappropriately for auto-pilot control. He repeats this prayer.  The plane next enters a dive.  Sixteen seconds into this dive the pilot returns to the cabin asking, in Arabic, "What's happening?"    Both pilot and co-pilot work their controls to pull up from the dive, but without results.  The plane, still diving, then goes full throttle.  The co-pilot attempts to close the fuel lines which would have stopped the engines.  Then, also not under cockpit control, the right and left elevators move in opposite directions.  The ailerons on both wings move full up.  The pilot orders the co-pilot to shut engines.  The co-pilot replies, "They're shut."  They are switched off but that makes no difference.   Pilot and co-pilot attempt to lift the plane out of the dive.  The last words heard on the recording are of the captain repeating, in Arabic, "pull!  "pull!"   Then just as with Flight 587 the voice recorder shuts off before the crash occurs.   The United States long before any of these crashes developed software call PROMIS, intended to take over the flight of planes that had been taken over by human on-board hijackers.  Furthermore, Dov Zakheim, involved in 9/11, himself was CEO of System Planning Corporation, developers of remote-control flight systems for military and commercial aircraft.  Dov Zakheim is a dual US-Israeli citizen.  Arlene´s note: In other words, it could be that EgyptAir MS 804 was remotely controlled by external forces, who have an ulterior motive, bypassing the auto-pilot.

Australian crime statistics in past 12 months since citizens turned in their guns

Dear friends,

This is the best information I have read on crime rates when citizens have
to relinquish their guns.


Arlene Johnson
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From: Geoffrey
Sent: Thursday, May 5, 2016 5:32 AM
Subject: Past Gun Control Success

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -Thoreau
"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.   When the government fears the people, there is liberty." -Thomas Jefferson

Subject: Past Gun Control Success

This is what we can expect if the anti-gun lobby gets their way in the USA.


May 4th

 Australian Gun Law Update:

 From: Ed Chenel, A police officer in Australia

 Hi Yanks, I thought you all would like to see the
 real  figures from Down  Under. It has now been 12 months
since gun owners in  Australia were forced by a new law to
surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our
own government, a program costing Australian taxpayers more
than $500 million dollars.

 The first year results are now in:

 Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 per cent,

 Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 per cent;

 Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 per cent (yes, 44 per cent)!

 In the state of Victoria.....alone, homicides with firearms
 are now up 300 per cent. (Note that while the law-abiding
 citizens turned them in, the criminals did not so the criminals
 still possess their guns!)

 While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady
decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed
 drastically upward in the past 12 months, since the
 criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.
There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins
 and assaults of the elderly while the resident is at home.

 Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public
safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense
was expended in 'successfully ridding Australian society of guns....'

Arlene´s note: The politicians are keenly aware of what happens
when citizens are compelled to turn in their guns because the politicians
know from history that a genocide can only happen when law abiding
citizens have no way to protect themselves from their government. Examples:
Russia, Ukraine, Cambodia, etc.

 You won't see this on the American evening news or hear your governor
 or members of the State Assembly disseminating this

 The Australian experience speaks for itself. Guns in the hands of honest
 citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws
 affect only the law-abiding citizens.

 Take note Americans, before it's too late!






:robert-laurence: gavett

"There are none so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe that they are free." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.” ~ Gustave Le Bon;---“The Crowd

"The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

“The World will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” ~ Albert Einstein

"You can avoid reality but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." ~ Ayn Rand