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US Government Buying Out All The 5.56 Military Surplus Ammo
Dear friends,

Based on my knowledge of the US government, I feel strongly that this post is accurate. So some of the comments after the article have been posted by those who seek to disinform.


Arlene Johnson
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FYI: Government Buying Out All The 5.56 Military Surplus Ammo & Is Telling Ammo Dealers To Stop Selling To Their Vendors & Civilians.
Tue Mar 20 04:38

100% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

From: Anonymous Source
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 8:27 PM
To: The Americas, Israel & Europe
Subject: Government buying out all the 5.56 Military surplus ammo and is telling ammo dealers to stop selling to their vendors and civilians.
I have been calling a lot of ammo distributors and ALL of them are telling me that our government is all the 5.56-.223 cal military surplus ammo. And their also telling the ammo distributors stop selling the ammo to civilians and their vendors because the government is buying it all up from everyone they can. I have also spoken with theses ammo dealers and they told me that the 5.56 and .223 ammo is going way up in price.
For instance...I paid $149.00 for federal surplus 440 rounds of steal core and now at the gun show today it was selling for $440.00 for 420 rounds. I have checked and A LOT of places online are out of the Military surplus ammo by federal. M193 and M855 SS109 ammo. I did find one place still carrying both these ammo's and good prices still, but their the only place I could find. If interested let me know and I'll forward the info.
I was also told by the same ammo dealers that the government is going to buy all the 9mm and .45 ammo up, so hurry and buy while you can at the lower prices while still available. Guess if they won't take our guns because they figure that there are some many out there, they will just buy all most popular military calibers. Can't shoot a gun with no ammo...stock up now while you still can.

They also said the government will continue to purchase all the ammo through the presidential election and they will continue to until the president tells them to stop. And if obama gets reelected instead of rejected, you know he wont stop the purchasing of all the ammo mentioned above.
Posted by Chris Kitze on Tue Mar 20 06:23
The government has an unlimited budget and a money printing press (yes, that's called a "bogus"). They can outbid you for anything they decide they need. They'll go through quite a bit of everything in Iran, I'm guessing.
Posted by Whiskey Six on Tue Mar 20 17:26
HUH? Apparently, Cheaper Than Dirt, and Sportsmanguide, two of the larger online ammo retailers didn't get the memo because they have plenty of 223/5.56 NATO for sale. Don't take my word for it, go look for yourself here: and here:

Most of the preppers I know have thousands of rounds by now, so even if this is remotely true, it won't matter...their ammo dumps are completely full. I see your point though. If you can't get rid of guns, you do the next best thing and try to make ammunition unavailable. This will not work in practice as you would need to control ALL AMMO makers, which is not possible. Someone will fill any potential voids.
Posted by Don't be an unarmed sheep on Tue Mar 20 18:14
We need a verification of this report asap!
Posted by Whiskey Six on Tue Mar 20 20:18
Same exact claims were made back in 2009. In 2009, there was a supply problem, ammo was scarce in some calibers, but not completely unavailable if you had the $$$ to pay higher prices. TODAY there is not a supply problem, this is indisputable. You can speculate all you want on any FUTURE potentials, but that is all it is at this point, speculation. I have inquiries pending with two large retailers and 2 large manufactures. If/when I get a response from them I will post it here.
Posted by Whiskey Six on Tue Mar 20 21:20
I got one response so far, from Cheaper Than Dirt: "We cannot confirm or deny this, we simply do not know what this will look like in the future."

The same thing can be applied to Mountain House Foods, and even tampons. Both of those products were reported to be in high demand by government consumers at one time or another in the recent past. The reality is, no one can predict the future with any certainty and it's a waste of emotional energy to worry about which items may or may not be scare in the future and the reasons for that scarcity. If something is important to you, stock up on it.
Posted by Mark Brander on Tue Mar 20 23:48
The only protection that will do you any good these times is the Lord Jesus Christ, get on your knees and repent while there is still a few minutes left to do so.

Jesus is about to make His move! Prophecies Org
Posted by Anonymous on Wed Mar 21 10:18
Bogus article! One google search for "buy ammo online" and i chose an american online shop...normal prices and plenty of 5,56 mm ammo...
Posted by Anonymous on Wed Mar 21 12:21
I have plenty of what I need, didn't wait for the panic buy and prices to go up on weapons and ammo that I knew would happen this year as the election heats up. I do still watch prices and go to gun shows though and I have seen a jump in firearms prices about 20% over the last month, AKs are in very short supply and I think that is due to the people who want the cheapest yet reliable combat ready weapon they can find. Ammo I have not seen go up beyond standard price increases yet and there still seems to be plenty around. That may change, people buy weapons and then ammo so as the election year heats up, I do expect ammo to get in shorter supply and that will of course mean higher prices.

I have no doubt the Marxist obama admin wants to do EVERYTHING it can to limit supplies and increase prices but the fact is, in an election year especially, if he gets caught doing anything under the radar, he will have to back off.

People are watching him closely, lots of people, it will be hard for him to do anything even under the radar. Not saying let your guard down, not saying you should not stock up but I am saying this is mostly panic buyers because it is an election year and we have a known Marxist who hates guns running for re-election. If he wins, lookout because there will be no more under the radar stuff, he will outright go after our second amendment!
Posted by ArthurBrowne on Wed Mar 21 14:35
The sad fact concerning these things is that if those who sell ammo and the weaponry who (after all that has already happened, those who could afford it should already have in hand) are now being told not to sell to civilians, actually obey this directive, without exercising their true liberty given them by the Constitution (it matters not there is supposedly a Martial Law Administration underway {for what is Martial Law without war but tyranny} at present, for truth is, this outrageous tyrannical state of affairs will destroy all eventually, whether those who obey or do not obey - none will be safe until this is overcome and placed behind us), such are placing their energy into the hands of this madness, and slitting their own throats!
Posted by Tom on Wed Mar 21 15:58
The march 16th E.O. takes care of all of that, they can burst into your home at will. An automatic firearm can easily be made out of pipes eather as a blow back mechanism or as a gatling mech. Can you imagine a gatling 12 gauge?
Posted by Whiskey Six on Wed Mar 21 18:27
Here is the response I got back from Sportsmansguide a very large ammo retailer: "Disruptions, no! Increased demand, yes. We have been told that the government is restricting what can be sold off from their manufacturing facility in Lake City. However ammo is a global product now more then it was several years ago. We have sources from Asia and Eastern Europe that have stepped up exports to the US. Will there be dry spells between shipments, possibly it depends on the level of paranoia and panic that sets in."

So there you have it. There are restrictions on the Lake City plant which is the main contractor supplying the Department of Defense. Nothing out of the ordinary there as the DOD probably just wants to ensure it has everything it needs. No conspiracy, just prudent planning. As I suspected, many international sources will step in to fill any potential voids. We're talking about restrictions on one plant here, that is the primary ammo contractor/supplier for the government. There is nothing to see here folks, these aren't the droids you're looking for. So before you claim to be a journalist and post claims from anonymous sources making blanket statements, you should do some basic fact checking.


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