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Comments on My New Book

Hello everyone,

Here are a few comments on my new book entitled The Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi: Victim of His Times:

Arlene wrote an excellent book on the Shah of Iran and the Jewish interests that engineered his downfall that led to Khomeini!! This single act alone led to our current mess. The book is a very well crafted and written work of extraordinary scholarship.


Guy in England

Your book 'The Shah' was phenomenal! Thank you for writing it. What a history lesson.

Thank you Arlene,

Many blessings,

Sandy V. in Michigan 
Thank you for sending me your excellent book on the Shah.  I just finished it.  You cover a mountain of very detailed information in a very readable style—reasonably short paragraphs and chapters that make it very readable. 
Many of the items you cover I have been exposed to before; but not in the detail you provide.
When the hostages were taken and supposedly freed thru the efforts of Reagan, I heard of allegations of Bush going to Paris to negotiate their retention in Iran to hurt Carter, so that they could be released in the Reagan presidency.  Your book gives the full story on this maneuver to include the payment of $40 million. I don’t recall hearing about the money payoff before your book.  RD in England
Dear Arlene,
I received your book yesterday!!
I started reading it and I love your style, which is very easy to read and logical.
Well done!!  Very interesting !!
Arlene - I am with you all the way.
As you have so well recorded, the Shah did not deserve the treatment he received. My uncle and aunt would have supported your findings.

I have for long believed Assad, so well supported by the Syriac Church, did not deserve the treatment meted out to him by so many badly informed states and people.
Kind regards to you both,
Edmund in England 

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