February 14th, 2018

Charities-Should you donate to them?

Hello everyone,

A new friend sent this to me today! Wow! Since I posted about charities in 2012, I thought I'd post about this now.


Arlene Johnson



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Posted By: Rodney Atkinson

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These powerful institutions give inadequate individuals positions of authority they could never have earned personally. This can quickly turn into the exploitation of power over “minors” which is the basis of sexual exploitation. The powerful imagery of State propaganda gives an impression of importance, power and unchallenge-ability where those in authority have the power to judge themselves.

Wherever large collectives with excess power over individuals, families and communities operate there is corruption. The traditional forms have been financial – manipulation of profits, corrupt contract giving, farming of State subsidies – or secret cartel agreements like the conspiracy between major EU commercial vehicle manufacturers or car companies like Volkswagen designing diesel emission cheats.

But the striking thing about recent decades has been the gradual exposure of sexual abuse and exploitation of the vulnerable by Churches, State and supranational organisations run by the typical socialist and “compassionate” supporters of political control of individuals and communities.

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