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These powerful institutions give inadequate individuals positions of authority they could never have earned personally. This can quickly turn into the exploitation of power over “minors” which is the basis of sexual exploitation. The powerful imagery of State propaganda gives an impression of importance, power and unchallenge-ability where those in authority have the power to judge themselves.

Wherever large collectives with excess power over individuals, families and communities operate there is corruption. The traditional forms have been financial – manipulation of profits, corrupt contract giving, farming of State subsidies – or secret cartel agreements like the conspiracy between major EU commercial vehicle manufacturers or car companies like Volkswagen designing diesel emission cheats.

But the striking thing about recent decades has been the gradual exposure of sexual abuse and exploitation of the vulnerable by Churches, State and supranational organisations run by the typical socialist and “compassionate” supporters of political control of individuals and communities.

I have already reported on this site (in the article “The First Marxist Conservative Government in history”) how leading Labour figures were prominent in the National Council of Civil Liberties which affiliated the “Paedophile Information Exchange” and how the German MEP Daniel Cohn Bendit and the German Green Party were advocates of sexual relations with children.


Now consider the organisation which is established by a British State Charter and is funded by (effective) taxation of £4bn per annum – the BBC. Here we saw one of the longest lasting and most horrific tales of child abuse – by the TV presenter Jimmy Savile. His activities, boosted by his shows “Top of the Pops” aimed at teenagers and “Jim will fix it” aimed at young children lasted decades with the BBC providing him with the facilities (much abuse occurred on BBC premises), the programmes and the free rein to exploit children – even when many of his colleagues frequently referred to “Jimmy likes them young” !

And not only the State funded BBC but the State run National Health Service were apparently open without question to Mr Savile’s “help”. An independent enquiry found that Savile abused 60 people, including at least 33 patients aged from five to 75, at Leeds general infirmary.

This did not stop two powerful collectivist institutions – the British State and the Vatican (itself steeped in paedophile crimes and their cover up) each awarding Savile a Knighthood!


The Elm house sexual scandal, the Dolphin square sexual scandal (both involving MPs), the antics of MPs like Cyril Smith in boys’ homes, the sexual predators like the BBC’s Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile all point to the (assumed) power of individuals in large organisations over weaker or junior individuals.

In overseas aid situations the local population is weak and supplicant in the face of the Charity managers spending “other peoples’ money” often in large amounts. In Haiti Oxfam employees hired prostitutes – or made local women in desperate situations into prostitutes. Oxfam recorded 87 incidents of sexual harassment last year, Save the Children 31 and Christian Aid (!) while the British Red Cross admitted “a small number of cases reported in the UK”.

There have even been reports in The Times of charity workers offering “aid for sex” in countries where they operated and Oxfam alone has had on average 1 complaint of sexual harassment a month from those working in their charity shops in the UK!

The far left socialist husband of the murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, Brendan Cox, was sacked from his work with the charity Save the Children after several women complained about his behaviour. The women had threatened legal action after the Charity failed to act. Shortly after Cox left. Cox has recently been accused by a woman of sexual assault at Harvard University in 2015. He is accused of ‘grabbing [the woman] by the hips several times… forced his thumb into her mouth in a sexual way’ and ‘touched her inappropriately’ in a restaurant.

There are also disturbing reports of the police acting in an intimidatory manner. Kevin Allen’s 15-year-old younger brother Martin ­vanished in November 1979. The brother of the boy claims he told a senior policeman that he suspected a top-level cover-up – and was warned: “Stop talking like that, you might get hurt.” He said: “I’ve no faith in the police. They failed us.”

What these State employees have in common whether at home or overseas is their position of authority in large, collective institutions where responsibility is defused, money is spent by those who had no role in creating it and where the powerful imagery of State propaganda gives an impression of importance, power and unchallenge-ability and where those who run them have the power to judge themselves.

There is indeed both in charities and the State an implicit accusation against those who “will not help the poor” (ie give to and accept their moral authority) that others are 1. less worthy and 2. less important. In addition these powerful institutions give inadequate individuals positions of authority they could never have earned personally.

This can quickly turn into the exploitation of power over “minors” (in every sense) which is the basis of sexual exploitation.


There is a myth that organisations like Oxfam, Save the Children and “Red Nose day” are charities. They are not. A charity relies on volunteers, voluntary donations from individuals and doing that which commercial and State activities would not otherwise do.

But the modern “charity” is predominantly State funded, has a well paid class of managers and spends millions traveling the world while paying no taxes, hardly any business rates (which cripple every other shop and business) while exploiting volunteer fund raisers and charity shop workers.

After the death of one old lady her children found that in addition to fund raising on the streets for years she had signed direct debits in favour of a charity which had drained her of all her money! Never have so many poor kind people given so much to well healed professionals!

Some £1.8bn a year is raised by charities from Wills of the deceased – to which they signed dup often after intensive “hard sell” fund raising. The charities use professional fund raisers who target older people and lure them with the offer of a “free will advice service”. I quote below a particularly obnoxious example of this exploitation of the elderly (from the This is Money website):

Sheila Mills, 74, claims she was nearly pressured into handing more than £20,000 to Help the Aged after an adviser called at her home near Carmarthen, South Wales. Mrs Mills called the charity after she read an advertisement about its free will advice service.

She says she was surprised when the adviser suggested that Help the Aged receive a legacy of £1,000 from her estate. Mrs Mills says: ‘I was put on the spot and agreed to the sum suggested.’ But soon afterwards the adviser began to arrive at her bungalow without appointment.

She adds: ‘I have a heart condition that means I tire easily. I told the adviser, but he would continue talking until I was quite worn out. When he asked me to think about increasing the legacy to £15,000, I foolishly agreed.

‘The last straw came when he said that he would pencil in £20,000. By then, I felt uncomfortable in his presence and by some of the things he’d said, which I found inappropriate and unprofessional.
‘I just wanted him out of my house. I was very distressed. I then contacted a solicitor and changed my will. I felt I’d been groomed by this man, and began to worry about how many other women like myself had been pressured in this way.’


Of the circa £300m OXFAM raised in its latest accounts £184m came from the State – in the form of central and local government and the European Commission.

Red Nose Day gets a massive contribution from the British Government – probably up to 50% of the money raised. Those are not voluntary contributions they are extracted from every family in the country by force and spent (in addition to the other £13bn per annum in Overseas Aid) largely in other countries – often with disastrous effects.

As the Irish columnist Kevin Myers wrote in The Irish Independent about the Somalia famine:

Somalia is not a humanitarian disaster; it is an evolutionary disaster. The current drought is not the worst in 50 years, as the BBC and all the aid organizations claim. It is nothing compared to the droughts in 1960/61 or 73/74. And there are continuing droughts every 5 years or so. It’s just that there are now four times the population; having been kept alive by famine relief, supplied by aid organizations, over the past 50 years. So, of course, the effects of any drought now, is a famine. They cannot even feed themselves in a normal rainfall year.

In other words much aid goes to artificially sustaining the unsustainable – populations in areas which are so arid that humans cannot survive – with the result that human suffering is far greater than if they had not been “aided”. The pop singer Bob Geldof whose own family have suffered from drug abuse and early death started Band Aid 25 years ago with the “Feed the World” campaign based on the Ethiopian tragedy. Today the population of Ethiopia has risen from 33m to 100m. There will be forever famine and tragedy in Ethiopia – but Geldof retains his Knighthood.

The one area of sub Saharan Africa which could provide its own food and export to other Africans – Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) – was destroyed by black racism and socialism and the murder and dispossession of farmers, with the actual or tacit support of those most prominent in the Aid movements and charities!

Both in Zimbabwe and South Africa where thousands of farmers have been murdered (because they were white) their farms distributed to politically well connected blacks and food production destroyed there is at last a generation of leaders who are showing signs of regret and a possible change in policy. A lot less “aid” and a lot more political criticism from the “compassionate white socialist” could have saved a lot of lives.


In a study published by the Institute of Economic Affairs in London, Euro Puppets: The European Commission’s remaking of civil society, Christopher Snowdon showed how European taxpayers’ money is given to “charities” which campaign for EU institutions to be given more money and power!!
He pointed out how one charity “Women in Europe for a Common Future” got 93% of its funding (in 2011) from EU and national government sources and nearly all the rest from corporate bodies (with only 0.2% from private donations). That is not a charity but a political arm of the Euro-State – which has brought about in southern Europe the kind of social collapse, health decimation and mass unemployment which is comparable to their destruction of African farming and fisheries through EU tariffs and dumping.
But like the international Charities the more chaos they cause the more they can appeal for more power (money) for their own “compassionate” “charitable” ventures!


The greatest invasion in US history is the flood of immigrants from Mexico and South America and from the Muslim Middle East. This is aided by Roman Catholic and Muslim “charities” which are in fact political organisations aiming to settle millions of their co-religionists in the USA.

The “United States Conference of Catholic Bishops” received $79m in 2014 to aid mass immigration into the USA. The Pope and the Vatican have for several years been the biggest advocate of mass migrations from the Hispanic South. They have of course not lobbied for Middle east, Scandinavian or Chinese migration – wrong religion!

And after decades of Roman Catholic clergy committing the most heinous sexual abuse of children, having paid out millions in compensation the Vatican itself was revealed – in Europe, the USA and in Latin America – as complicit in covering up and “re-locating” sexual predators. It is obscene that the US Government should see that institution as a suitable recipient of millions to aid vulnerable migrants.

The way in which blatantly political movements can be termed “charities” is nothing short of disgraceful – in the EU, the UK and the USA. At last these “charities” “churches” and “compassionate politicians” are being exposed for their crimes. Let us pray that in future the people will not be so gullible.

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