Major change in the 35th-37th editions

My dear friends around the world,

We have been conned, and I fell for it back in 2011 when I published articles about Planet X which some refer to as Nibiru. Fortunately, I saved this link: If you don't believe me, read this and the insert PDF in it. You can read the comments to it too if you want. Some of them are legitimate while others are by infiltrators whose goal is to keep you in fear. See what the stories on Planet X were designed to do was put fear in your mind. When people fear, they can't think. Thus the powers-that-be can carry out what they have been planning for centuries without being exposed. Here's one I just found in Google if you still don't believe me:

But no more, because I have asked my Website developer to remove all the dishonest info and replace it with what is true.

I am asking you to now log onto the following links:

Regarding the last link, you may want to listen to this YouTube: 8:5These links are what the powers-that-be DO NOT want you to know.

I have made Charles Savoie aware that I feel that Amber Rudd, UK Home Secretary, and Theresa May UK Prime Minister are Pilgrims Society members based on their backgrounds and why, in the case of Theresa May, she is still in power.

Now, PLEASE share this link with everyone you know regardless if you feel they are interested or not because none of us want another world war. It is VITAL if we are to experience life as we have known it in the past when we weren't faced with another world war.


Arlene Johnson


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