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Dangerous incinerator in the United Kingdom
Dear friends,

Who would ever have thought that once the incinerator that's at Gloucester Royal Hospital had been closed down due to its spewing dioxins in Gloucestershire County would have begun to be replaced by the same type of incinerator in the Gloucester village of Quedgeley now? But it is even though the percentage of dioxins would be much less now due to technological advancements, than was the case with the incinerator by the hospital. There is no known safe level of dioxins. This is an incinerator in which £50,000,000 has already been spent which will have a high chimney which will spew dioxins too.

Here's a link from the World Health Organisation on the harmful effects of dioxins:

We attended a session of the Gloucestershire Council this past Wednesday, 28 June 2017 where a motion to end this atrocity was voted down 31 nays to 22 yea in favour. The leaders of this activist group, Gail Bradbrook and Jo Jo Mehta, announced that there will be another gathering on 4 July 2017 at 4pm also at The Shires Council Hall, and one on 5 July 2017 at The Shires too at 9.30am. Hope you can attend.

Here is a letter that has been sent to local newspaper, The Forest Review on 29 June 2017:
This is what the Forest politicians get up to - the ones some of you voted for. I went to the Shire Hall where Patrick Molyneux, Alan Preest, Brian Robinson and Terry Hale voted down a motion from the Greens, Liberal and the Labour councillors which would have stopped the incinerator being built at Quedgeley. There was a large public attendance some of whom, like me, accused the councillors of being corrupt. The councillors placing the motion dissociated themselves from the corruption allegation, but they stated that they understood why such as I thought they were corrupt, because the details of the incinerator were and are being kept from the public. This is the way corrupt people behave. They hide behind closed doors when they make their decisions. What information they have disclosed was extracted with the help of the information commissioner who castigated the council for their secrecy. 
What's the problem with the incinerator? The emissions are so dangerous that they need a high chimney to disperse the poisonous dioxins into the atmosphere. That will probably be OK for the people in Gloucester, but for those living in the Forest or on the Cotswolds, whose houses are above the height of the chimney, the health risks could be enormous.  There is no safe level known of the many dioxins that will be emitted from the chimney. Dioxins are not water soluble so the body stores them in your fat tissue where the cumulative effect becomes more serious as you age. Truth to tell I think your councillors' actions go beyond stupidity. I believe that they are criminal. What could be more criminal than to expose the future generation to this unnecessary harm? They try to persuade objectors that the emissions will at a safe level. This is similar to the many councils that told people in high rise flats that they were safe despite the fire service warning the councils that they were a fire hazard. These people are dangerous and need controlling. They pretend to have your interests at heart but their real interest is being part of a club which pays them 'Expenses'. £16,000 last year for one when he attends the Forest Council. What he gets when he attends the County council I do not know. Who votes for these people? John Timbrell Drybrook.
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Arlene Johnson
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