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Installation Instructions

From Jolly Roger
Trump’s been installed, predictably enough, and millions of angry Americans have breathed a sigh of relief, in the erroneous belief that things will now be better, or at least different.

Unfortunately, your country is still being looted, your Bill of Rights is still being trampled, and the invasion of illegal aliens isn’t going to stop.

Trump was installed because Americans were seething with anger for many years, and the sigh of relief you’re now breathing is just as predictable to the ruling elites as the Trump victory was to many of us. That sigh of relief that you’re now breathing is exactly WHY Trump was installed. You needed that, and they needed to give it to you, because now you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and watch Trump “make America great again”.

Unfortunately, it’ll take the average moron years to notice that Trump isn’t going to change anything, because there’s too much money at stake. Every corporation wants the cheap labor, the stolen resources, and they don’t want you and your silly Bill of Rights standing in the way of their grand theft of your nation.

If you’re celebrating the Trump victory, and are confident that he’ll “drain the swamp”, please enjoy yourself, pop the champagne cork, and wallow in the thrill of victory for as long as you can. When you’re done celebrating, I’d like to ask only one favor of you, and that’s that you do your job, and let Trump do his.

Your job as an American is to remain eternally vigilant, stand up for your constitutional rights, and be prepared to defend your country if and when the need arises.

Even if Trump turns out to be all he’s promised to be, there’s only so much any president can do, and most of the problems we’re suffering from are the result of Americans not doing their job, rather than the evil machinations of any politician, or group of them.

Instead of sitting back and believing that you and your country exist at the mercy of our government, please remember that this is your country, and your actions affect its future more than any presidents do.

Our problems stem from Americans forgetting that fact, and believing they can ignore government and lose themselves in an endless array of mindless entertainment, all of which has been provided to distract you from your patriotic duty of government involvement.

Government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” cannot exist if “the people” (you) are uneducated, aren’t paying attention, or are too busy indulging in the TV’s infinite marathon of giggle inducement. You have nothing to laugh about. You’re still being robbed of your wealth and freedom, and your children’s future has been sold at a Jew’s pawn shop.

Trump was installed precisely so you could believe that someone is going to fix this country’s problems for you, and that you’ll be free to engage in more interesting pursuits than watching C-span, or understanding the true history of this country, how its monetary system works, and how it should work.

Trump’s presidency is nothing more than the latest device to distract you from your patriotic duty, and let you believe that America will be fixed without your help, or even your attention. He was put in power to assuage the anger that was rising from the population, who were spending their last few dollars on equipping themselves for revolution.

They needed Trump, and all of his grand promises, to save their necks from a popular uprising, and if Trump weren’t available, a different actor would have been recruited to play the same role.

As far as the American people are concerned, the presidency of this country is very little different than any reality-TV show, and that’s why Trump is well-suited for the job. They only distract you from their crimes with promises and lies, while the resource theft, and destruction of freedom continues unabated.

I’d be real happy to see Trump keep all his promises, but I’m not going to bet any money on it, and I honestly see him as just another “hope and change” man with a bigger shovel full of dung than the present one.

Instead of betting your future on Trump, or any other politician, place your bet on the Bill of Rights, and your own duty as an American to make sure it’s respected, rather than being slowly twisted out of relevance by corrupt politicians and judges.

You need to be involved with this country’s future, or it will surely be stolen by billionaires, who have been trying to undermine the power of the people since the Bill of Rights was written.

No politician is going to help you; they only compete for the privilege of robbing you, and controlling you, and that’s only because you let them get away with it by being stupid enough to trust any of them.

People who are scared, stupid, and weak will never live in freedom, in this country, or any other. Allowing yourself to be distracted by endless entertainment is what got all of us into the mess we’re in, and I have every right to complain about it, because as a fellow American, I have to suffer this tyranny with you.

Whether you supported Trump or not, you now have a duty of making sure he keeps his promises, and operates under the rules of the constitution, and respects the people’s Bill of Rights. If you turn your back on him for a minute, he’ll be no different than Obama, and probably twice as greedy. — Jolly Roger

“It’s a republic, if you can keep it” — Ben Franklin (on being asked what kind of government we’ve been given)




Arlene Johnson
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