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Corrupt profession affects Susanne Kellner-Johnson

Dear friends,

Imagine you are a Human Rights Activist which in my opinion is a
threat to the powers-that-be. Now, imagine that you were taken by
force after your front door was kicked in by police. Then, imagine
that you were denied leave after you had been granted leave by
the psychiatric profession. Then, imagine your mobile (cell phone)
was taken from you. Then, imagine that you were forcibly injected
with 50mg of Haldol every two weeks, which is what dissidents in
the Soviet Union were injected with up until 1974 to silence them
and you.

All this and more has happened to Susanne Kellner-Johnson in
the UK.

Susanne was lied to by her psychiatrist, Dr. Natalie Johnson
when she told Susanne that she was going on annual leave.
I know because yesterday when I called to see when Dr. Johnson
would return was told by Dr. Johnson's secretary that Dr. Johnson
was not now, nor in the recent past on annual leave.

I personally feel that Susanne Kellner-Johnson should ask
for another psychiatrist since we can't tell when she would lie
to Susanne again. But in every effort to reach the Clinical Director
Julie Magaw who spends part of her time at 01535 678 146,
the last message I was given, which was by the receptionist,
was that no further messages would be given to me, the publisher
of The Journal of History (La verdad sobre la democracia).

Susanne's human rights have been violated everyday by staff.
Susanne is as sane as any of us are and not a threat to herself
or anyone else.

Here are the 4 demands I made to staff who interceded for
Julie Magaw:
1. New psychiatrist
2. Give Susanne back her mobile
3. Put her back online
4. Restore her leave for a minimum of 1 hour, preferably more.

Let's see how many of you will call up to make those demands
which I made today. They can't ignore all of us. The psychiatric
profession is by and large corrupt with only a few who truly care
for their patient. Dr. Natalie Johnson does not fall into that category.


Arlene Johnson
To access my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.
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