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Lord Kilmuir Letter is known by current Member of Parliament, United Kingdom

My dear friends,

A current sitting Member of Parliament (MP), Mark Harper, in the
United Kingdom knows that the letter that Lord Kilmuir sent Edward
Heath in the 1960s exists. Here is proof. I want the world to know
this because obviously other Members of Parliament know this too.
If you live in the UK and want the UK out of the EU, you might want
to show this post to your MP, because Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty
is a trap to keep the UK in the EU. Millions of people in the UK need
to know this information:

Mark Harper knew about the Kilmuir letter in 2010 as it was on a leaflet
I did which he responded to on behalf of the cabinet/'government.'
Mike c
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Regarding the correspondence on these pages about Mark Harper not responding to requests . I too have the same problem which makes the government's claim that "We work for you"  a farce.
The government is supposed to respond to petitions that reach 10,000. They normally do within 5 days. Mine reached 10,000 over 40 days ago. I have written to Mark twice asking why his government will not give its answer to the petition. I actually know why but I just like to embarrass him. The government cannot reply without acknowledging the existence of the letter. If they did some of the MPs of all parties who are barred from discussing the contents or even the existence of the letter would be released from their censorship. The letter explains the reason why all the UK's treaties with the EU are unlawful  and of course you know if you are caught out doing something wrong then you have to stop doing it.  I personally know that David Davis the Brexit minister knows about the illegality of the treaties and that we could just leave the EU. He knows according to International law any treaty entered into using deceit or dishonesty is null and void. He advocates using article 50 which is subject to qualified majority voting. Do you really think they will vote to let us leave?   I urge you to write to Davis Davis just to let him know that you know of his corruption. I doubt if he will reply but if enough do so it might just might give him some backbone to follow the rule of law. John Timbrell
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Arlene Johnson
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