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MS804 revision to previous post

Dear friends,

On reading the ZetaTalk Newsletter dated June 5, 2016,
it says the following:

From http://www.zetatalk6.com/newsletr/issue505.htm

comes this which contradicts what I initially posted
about the MS804 in my last post:

MS804 crashed on the African Plate border just north
of Egypt. Precisely on the border, in fact. Because
electro-magnetic pulse, caused by the yet to be
admitted Nibiru, is not to be admitted, the establishment
cast around for an excuse. The options have been to
demonize the pilots, as in the case of the GermanWings
flying into the Alps in 2015, where the pilot was
claimed to be suicidal, murderously so.  The pilots
of MH370 were also blamed, and still are to this day,
for running off with the plane in 2014, stealing it.
Their homes were ransacked looking for evidence of
their nefarious plans.  AF447 in 2009 was ascribed
to bad weather and an incompetent pilot who did not
know how to operate in a storm. The fact that all
the electronics shut down, as documented by the ACARS
system, was ignored. Lately, the excuse de jure is to
blame terrorism, so the immediate pronounced assumption
for the downing of MS804 was a terrorist bomb. Yet
surprisingly, there was hesitation!


Arlene Johnson
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