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Egypt Air MS 804 Didn´t Crash as you were told.

Dear friends,

The MSM is lying again. Here is the truth about EgyptAir MS 804
that was in the news today.


Arlene Johnson
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From: Dick Eastman <oldickeastman@ Date: Thu, May 19, 2016 at 11:56 PM Subject: Dick Eastman - EgyptAir MS-804 -- a remote-control hijacking most likely for these reasons To: The way EgyptAir MS804 broke with air traffick monitoring, making an unscheduled turn to port of 90 degrees, followed by a turn to starboard a full 360 degrees while descending to 15,000 feet and then to 10,000 feet where it was lost to radar is too much like Malaysia Airlines MH 370 which also turned and descended before disappearing on March 8, 2014.  MH 370 also did not crash.  It was seen in Maldives flying due south, towards the British/US intelligence headquarters for the region, Diego Garcia.  I suspect that EgyptAir MS804, when below radar and when all transponders and voice communication with the cockpit were shut off that it headed for the one place likely to be able to keep the receiving of plane hijacked in the Mediterranean so near to Egypt a successful secret, Israel.   Whether EgyptAir MS 804 was the usual Airbus A320 or whether another plane, a Boeing 737-800, had been substituted does not matter.  Electronic hijacking was possible with either a Boeing or an Airbus plane as Flight 587 (an Airbus A 300) which manifested clear instances of remote-controlled takeover of the flight during the crash episode on November 12, 2001  as did EgyptAir 990 (a Boeing 767) before its crash in its flight from JFK to Cairo on October 31, 1999.   Let's review some facts about  AA 587 and EgyptAir990 as well as an incident that happened at Miami International in 1999.   Flight 587 took off from JFK with nothing unusual when, over Queens NY the rudder on the vertical stabilizer began shirting back and forth its full range, causing the plane to expereince severe sideways movements that slammed passengers back and forth, called yawing.  This back and forth broke the bonding of the lamination that held on the tail fin.  This remote-controlled sabotage eventually broke off the stabilizer from the plane.   When the rudder was gone the plane was still able to fly, but now the remote controller began operating the ailerons  (flaps, elevators) causing the plane to make extreme turns, at one point turning 10 degrees in one second.  The flight recorder clearly shows that the plane banked to port even as the data shows the pilots were working the cockpit controls to move the plane in the opposite direction.    The voice record of this portion of the flight has never been released by the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board).   Then the electric hijackers chose to finish the job -- the nose drops and, still before the crash, the voice record cuts off.  The plane is in a dive full throttle, then the plane put down its flaps at which points the engines separated from the wings, the pods brackets pulled from their roots.    Happening just one month and one day after the 9/11 event, the event was covered with all of the secrecy and deceit of the investigation into that larger event.   Another American event needs mention here.  In 1999.  An American Airlines Airbus A300 as it prepared to land at  Miami International also experienced its rudder suddenly moving from side to side completely, as the pilots reported, on its own.  The NTSB reported that the "rudder movements extreme."  No cause was found.     Early in the morning of October 31, 1999 EgyptAir took off from JFK to Cairo, Egypt with top Egyptian military aboard as well as other passengers (mostly Americans).  At about 2:00 AM the pilot leaves the cockpit to go to the toilet.  The language aboard the plane has been in Arabic, but, while the co-pilot is alone, another voice is picked up on the voice recorder saying just two words in English, "Control it."  Immediately after this the plane, which has been on auto-pilot, deviates in its course.  The co-pilot noticing this, exclaims with a prayer, "Taw ak kalt ala Allah,"  which may be equavalent to an English speaking Christian saying "God protect us."  Appropiate words under this unusual circumstance.   The co-pilot then, the event-recorder shows, tried to disengage the auto-pilot.  The plane continues to move indepenently and inappropriately for auto-pilot control. He repeats this prayer.  The plane next enters a dive.  Sixteen seconds into this dive the pilot returns to the cabin asking, in Arabic, "What's happening?"    Both pilot and co-pilot work their controls to pull up from the dive, but without results.  The plane, still diving, then goes full throttle.  The co-pilot attempts to close the fuel lines which would have stopped the engines.  Then, also not under cockpit control, the right and left elevators move in opposite directions.  The ailerons on both wings move full up.  The pilot orders the co-pilot to shut engines.  The co-pilot replies, "They're shut."  They are switched off but that makes no difference.   Pilot and co-pilot attempt to lift the plane out of the dive.  The last words heard on the recording are of the captain repeating, in Arabic, "pull!  "pull!"   Then just as with Flight 587 the voice recorder shuts off before the crash occurs.   The United States long before any of these crashes developed software call PROMIS, intended to take over the flight of planes that had been taken over by human on-board hijackers.  Furthermore, Dov Zakheim, involved in 9/11, himself was CEO of System Planning Corporation, developers of remote-control flight systems for military and commercial aircraft.  Dov Zakheim is a dual US-Israeli citizen.  Arlene´s note: In other words, it could be that EgyptAir MS 804 was remotely controlled by external forces, who have an ulterior motive, bypassing the auto-pilot.
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